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About us

Explore, dare to be different, and make a lasting impression.


Founded in 2009 by Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak, Origaudio has always had one primary mission in mind: make awesome happen. How do we do this? By combining innovative and award-winning products with superior customer service and a simple way of doing things.


We pride ourselves on safe, reliable, quality products and strive to be transparent in the way we achieve our goals.

Watch the video below for a peak inside Hong Kong factories to see how our products are designed and made:

Origaudio prides itself in making creative and unique products that people will enjoy and carry wherever the journey takes them. We've designed our products for real people (although make believe people are free to purchase our products if they have real money) who need the right gear to keep them moving forward—whether they're commuting to work or conquering the world.

What’s our end goal? We at Origaudio aim to inspire adventure, creativity and a general do-it-your-way attitude. Together, we’ll make awesome happen! 

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