Rock-It 3.0- turn any hollow object into a speaker!

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You may have seen this gadget presented on ABC’s “Shark Tank” by Origaudio founders, Mike Szymczak and Jason Lucash, where it blew the sharks out of the water. Use the Rock-It 3.0 to turn just about any hollow object into a speaker with the vibration technology- anywhere, any time. View Unbox Therapy's video review on the the Rock-It here.

  • Vibration speaker that transforms anything hollow Into a speaker

  • 10+ hours of audio playtime

  • Includes charging cord

  • Portable and lightweight

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rock-It 3.0

Interesting idea. Works well with cardbord. Several flaws in implementation:
1. Vibrating head wire is getting stuck easily in winding mechanism and does not extract. I had to unscrew winding head to release the wire.
2. Vibrating head wire is too fragile. It will brake soon.
3. 1W of output power is not enough. Need more to be used in noisy environment.

Not as powerful as expected

Title says it all; was looking for something more than what the product is. Would return but shipping cost would likely exceed refund value.

I don,t like the design.

It is a cool idea. I don,t like how the cable comes out. I would like to return it.

Cardboard and Styrofoam

It only worked for me on styrofoam and cardboard. Wish it worked on other objects. It does work great on cardboard and styrofoam though.

Not working out of package

When I opened the box to plug it, stick it, rock it, I plugged it, then stuck it, but I couldn’t rock it. I’ve tried charging it, but I’m pretty sure that it’s already pre-charged. The little price that is supposed to be stuck to various objects doesn’t vibrate or make any sound. It doesn’t appear as a speaker on my iPod, so I thought that was the problem, but I tried it on various other things and it still didn’t work. I would like a working model or my money back, and maybe I’ll buy other products. I know that this situation happens often with various other manufacturers, so I’m not very mad, but I would like a working model. Thank you for your time.

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