How to Introduce a Loved One to Adventure Travel

Ready to make some unforgettable memories with a loved one? Here's how to introduce them to adventure travel.

10 Best Hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hiking in San Francisco is a great way to take in views of the legendary city. Here are 10 of San Fran's best treks.

Do Animals Like Music?

Dear EarthTalk: Do animals respond to or enjoy music recorded or played live by humans?

A Northern Baja Road Trip: Planning a South of the Border Adventure

What to do, where to stay, and insider tips on how to make your Northern Baja road trip an unforgettable adventure.

2018 Gift Guide for EVERYONE!

We get it. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals saturating the internet, it’s hard to keep track of all the gifts...

Non-creepy ways to adopt the 5 love languages in your office

You’ve heard about the five love languages, or five different ways to express/experience love in a committed relation...

Delivering White Glove Service

Customer service can make or break any company, big or small. Keeping customer service as a priority improves custome...

Ways to Care for Your Digital Devices While on Vacation

This blog was guest written by author Cloe Matheson. Planning your next exciting holiday? Most people have certain d...

The Story of the Presidio Collection

Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. The Presidio Collection is one of those things- created on a whim by a...

Welcome to the Origaudio Crib!

Here at Origaudio, we don't believe in cubicles and white-walled office buildings. We believe in #MakingAwesomeHappen...

Step aside, Fanny Packs... it's time for #DudesWithDopps

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably noticed the increase in popularity of fanny packs, man-purse...

Our Top 3 Rad Father's Day Gifts

ATTENTION: We are here to remind you that Father's Day is coming up quick and your procrastination period is coming t...

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