What's that gadget that turns anything into a speaker?!

Maybe you remember it from Shark Tank. Maybe you’ve seen a Youtube video (or two) demonstrating it. Or maybe you stumbled upon this blog and you’re wondering what the heck “it” is!

Allow me to introduce you to the Rock-It 3.0. The vibration device that can turn almost ANY hollow object into a SPEAKER! This little gadget uses vibration technology to send sound waves from your devices to random objects and creates a boomin’ sound.

The bigger the object, the louder the jams!

Still want more? You can connect multiple Rock-It’s to each other to double, triple, quadruple the volume. Origaudio has worked hard over the years to improve the Rock-it and the 3.0 is our best version yet.

Our customers have shared memories with us on Facebook on the most zany way they’ve used the speaker. One writes: My brother and I once chained 3 together and stuck them to our hallway. It was beautiful. Another says: For giggles I stuck one to my temple and it WORKED. Only I could hear it, it was funny!

Watch some of the crazy videos Origaudio has made using the Rock-It throughout the years:

How do you Rock-it?! Tell us in the comments!

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