What to expect at high school and college graduations

We just love this time of year.

Endless posts on social media about the “end of a chapter” and “reminiscing on good times”. Countdowns to summer break are ever present.  The spirits of wearied students everywhere suddenly brighten.

It’s graduation season. The sweet, sweet sounds of summer are ringing loud and proud! We could all use a little humor during this season, whether you’re graduating or attending a ceremony, right? Here’s what to expect during graduation season:

  1. Face cutouts on popsicle sticks

Who doesn’t want their face on a popsicle stick, paraded around the campus, accompanied by a screaming parent? I know I sure do.

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  1. Teacher appreciation time

You’re going to walk into the grocery store and realize all the flowers, apples and thank-you cards are suddenly sold-out. Being a teacher is hard work, and educators everywhere deserve to be recognized for their commitment all year! Instead, give a gift like the Juicebox or Main Post personal organizer.

  1. EVERYONE will ask about your (possibly non-existent) significant other.

Privacy? What’s that? You won’t be getting any. Everyone who hasn’t seen you in a couple years is going to ask you about your love life, and then, they’ll feel entitled to give their opinion on it. *YUCK*

  1.  Tears. There will be tears.

High school and college graduations are a time for celebration, but also sentimental remembrance. It’s hard to graduate and leave a place you’ve spent the last few years. For parents, it’s tough to watch your kids complete a huge milestone and, ya know, grow up. All I’m saying is.. Bring your tissues, people.

  1. Parties!!!

Yesssss. This is probably the best part about graduating- for the graduates and attendants. Most families get to go out to dinner after the ceremony, exchange gifts and have a good time. Just remember to be safe, and to gift the graduate something meaningful and useful.

We recommend the Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker, but hey, we could be a little bias.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever encountered at a graduation? Share with us in the comments!

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