We went to CES!

The Origaudio crew will never turn down an excuse to go to Las Vegas… especially when it’s for something as AWESOME as the 2018 CES expo.

In early January, Origaudio partnered with our friends at Flexport LLC (our freight forwarding company that you should definitely check out here:_) to exhibit at a booth in Sands Expo. Our first time at CES taught us a lot of things: 1. The tech world is advancing at an incredibly fast rate. 2. The world we live in will be incredibly different in 5, 10, 50 years thanks to the wonderful innovators out there, and 3. Shaquille O'neal is REALLY tall.

Throughout our time at CES we were greeted by hundreds of smiling faces, saw some really cool items being demo’d for the first time, and even met a few celebrities! We’re thankful for everyone that stopped by our booth to chat and hear our story.

As a thank you, we are offering everyone a 30% off discount with code : SHOW

Here are a few pictures of our booth set-up with our pals at Flexport. Our booth incorporated an actual shipping container! 

Our Marketing Coordinator, Brookelynn, held down the fort at our booth and met some folks from awesome other brands! One company we met with is called "Stilla" and they create portable motion devices. You activate a miniature alarm on your phone and put it inside your purse or backpack. If someone moves your backpack or rifles through your purse, you get notified on your phone! Brookelynn and Niclas, from Stilla, are pictured below. 

Lastly, we just really want to share some sweet shots from around the show below!

If you came up and said hi or saw us from afar, we hope you enjoyed your time at CES! We sure did. Until next year?



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