Ways to Care for Your Digital Devices While on Vacation

This blog was guest written by author Cloe Matheson.

Planning your next exciting holiday? Most people have certain digital devices they just can’t go without while on vacation. However, travelling with valuable things always comes with a risk. If you don’t take the proper safety measures, there’s a greater risk for your treasured laptop or phone to be damaged or lost, or your private data stolen. These inconveniences are the last thing anyone wants while on holiday, so follow these tips to keep your essential travel devices safe and secure when you’re on an adventure.

Carry a High-Quality Backpack

It’s easy to damage your devices unintentionally when you travel around all the time. The best way to keep your belongings safe and secure at all times is to carry them in a durable, high-quality backpack that has proper padding. The Origaudio Mission Pack is an absolute must-have bag for any overseas trip. This bag has a padded laptop sleeve that sits 2” above the bottom of the pack to protect your device from hitting hard surfaces, an also contains various other useful features like an RFID security pocket which keeps credit cards, IDs and passports protected from card-skimming identity thieves. The Mission Pack even features tech ports to allow you to charge your devices on the go – so you won’t have to worry about losing battery at inconvenient times.

Never Leave Your Laptop Unattended

If you work in a public place such as a library or café while on your travels, you should never leave your computer unattended, even for just a minute. This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people make this mistake. No matter what city or country you’re in, there will always be somebody who is willing to steal your belongings the moment your turn your back. The same rule applies to all your devices, including watches and power banks. Keep your valuable devices out of public sight as best you can, as you never know what thieves are lurking around.

Protect Your Devices Outdoors

If you will spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities like snorkelingscuba-diving, hiking or skydiving, you’ll need to take extra precautions to protect your devices from getting damaged. Keep your devices out of direct sunlight and away from sand and dirt as much as you can and learn about how you can protect equipment such as underwater cameras.

Equip each of your devices with its own sturdy, protective case, as you never know when it may be dropped on the ground or accidentally hit against a hard surface. If you can, choose waterproof cases, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time by the water. Using a wrist lanyard can also help keep your smartphone extra secure when doing physical activities like hiking. A lanyard will keep your phone safely attached to your wrist so you can’t misplace or drop it – great for when you’re planning to take plenty of photos with your phone on the go.

Watch out for WiFi Hotspots

When on holiday, it’s important to be careful about the networks you use to connect to the internet. Much of the time, the free WiFi available at many cafes, airports and hotels is not totally secure – and if you use an untrusted network, hackers can easily access private information from your device. Make sure to research the available public hotspot providers before connecting, and only use secured networks with strong security settings in place. Don’t forget to check your device settings so you don’t accidentally connect to an unsecured hotspot.

Great Wi-Fi connection and an excellent working laptop are essentials for freelance writers like Cloe Matheson. When she’s traveling, you’ll often find Cloe editing and tweaking her articles at cosy local cafés or spending the day at the beach. Visit Cloe’s Tumblr page to read more of her published work.

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