How to Be a Better Traveler- Top 10 Tips

Calling all travelers- we have a question for you.

Are you the type to scramble around the house throwing items in your suitcase half an hour before your flight? Or maybe you're always sitting at the gate for 2 hours beforehand because, you know, you can never be too safe.

Regardless of your travel style, it's time to talk about the big no-no's to avoid before you go wheels-up. 

1. Pack snacks.. that don't stink. 

Have you ever been next to someone on an airplane that's eating Funyuns or a bowl of Chili?! Being packed in a tight space next to a bunch of strangers is tough enough. Don't add onion breath to the mix. 

2. Bring a portable power bank

You know the folks that are sitting on the disgusting airport floor waiting for their phone to charge? Yeah. Don't be that guy. We recommend the Tenfour External Battery Pack- it's got 4 USB ports so you could even share with your plane-mates (if you're into that sort of thing).

3. Get a carry on that is actually a carry on.

No it won't. It won't fit. IT JUST WON'T. (But you can try this)

4. Buy local currency at the airport if you're traveling abroad

What's that saying? Do as the locals do? Regardless, you should definitely pick up some local currency at the airport. You're going to need it to buy that super trendy sunhat at the corner store or to bribe your customs official.

5.  Read reviews and do your homework

It's never fun to show up at a hotel or restaurant that looks NOTHING like the pictures you found on Yelp. 

Let's avoid getting bed bugs and food poisoning. Read reviews on Google and Yelp, or travel blogs from people who have ventured to the spot recently. Doing some homework can save you a lot of headaches! 

6. Pack light

Everyone knows an over-packer. 8 shirts for a 2-day getaway? No thanks! There are so many ways to pack light and reduce your load if you're willing to do a little research. We love this post about how and why to pack light, and we figure if it fits in the Tahoe pack, it's perfect).

7. Dress comfortably

Okay, your tight jeans might not set off the security alarm at the airport, but they sure as heck won't be comfortable for your 5-hour plane ride! You never know if your plane will be delayed or if you'll wind up sleeping on the airport floor. Wear something breathable and comfortable so you don't hate yourself too much when the day is done. 

8. Hold the H2O 

We're all for drinking lots of water. It's good for your health, skin, blah blah blah.. but don't guzzle down your entire Hydroflask right before take off. Did you know you need a sanitizing gel with 60% alcohol or more just to kill the germs from the airplane bathroom door handle?

9. Clean yo'self

In regards to tip #8, airplanes are disgusting. Like, super gross. If you don't carry a personal Purell bottle (you should) make sure to wash your hands whenever given the chance. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose while traveling to avoid ingesting the germs. Just... ew.

10. Live in the moment 

You're pretty lucky if you get to travel often and explore this awesome Earth. Pictures are great, but put your phone done once in a while and soak up the moment you're in. You may never get to visit the same spot again!

Are you traveling with an Origaudio product? Tag us in your pictures so we can #Repost you! Instagram & Facebook: @origaudio

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