The Backpack Every Family Needs

So we know this isn't news to any parents, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters out there, but... traveling with kids is tough. 

I mean really- how can such tiny humans have so much baggage?! Toys, diapers, snacks, changes of clothes... not to mention you need to carry your own stuff, too. It's exhausting, and parents are constantly looking for the perfect bag, stroller.. heck, even VANS big enough to cart around tiny tots and all their stuff. 

Here at Origaudio, we really believe the perfect backpack makes all the difference. Our bags are designed to take you through any adventure, no matter what. It's made for those who are always on the go, and it'll be just the right pack for those with kiddos, too.

Family blogger Lauren Webb has two little ones and her husband loves carrying their day to day items in the Mission Pack. "We love this bag so much!!" Lauren recently raved on our instagram pageCheck out these sweet pictures!

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