Step aside, Fanny Packs... it's time for #DudesWithDopps

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably noticed the increase in popularity of fanny packs, man-purses (or 'murses'),  and cross-body satchels. The trends of the 80's are flooding modern-day fashion and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. See below a little of what I'm talking about.

Personally, I'm all about men carrying these stylish satchels. What may be even cooler than the fanny pack, though, is the use of a dopp kit as a handbag. While Dopp Kits are traditionally marketed as toiletry/overnight bags, or small totes to pair with your luggage, we're starting to see a ton of confident men and women rocking them as a handbag!

Pardon the slight bias here (Go Dubs!) but check out these Golden State Warriors with Dopp Kits in tow right after winning game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland last night (6.6.18). From left to right, pictured is Stephen Curry, Quinn Cook, and Shaun Livingston. Dang, those Dopps look good on the Dubs.

This isn't the first time these "teeny-tiny handbags" have been spotted on NBA players. Last November, GQ posted this article shouting out the Dopp Kit as a necessary accessory for making the post locker room jaunt extra swaggy for Basketball stars. Just last month this article by Bleacher Report highlights even Lebron James as a Dopp Kit fan. If the biggest player in the league can rock a tiny bag, so can we.

Want to piggyback on this all-star style? I know I do. Pick up a Fort Point Dopp Kit and swing it around town on your next outing. Who knows, maybe the Origaudio paparazzi will snap a couple shots of you, too!

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