Productivity Tips For Working a Desk Job [told in GIFS]

PSA: the GIFs in this blog post don't exactly promote productivity at work (but enjoy, regardless!)

Admit it; some days, you’re unstoppable. You get anything and everything on your to-do list finished before lunch and you feel like you can save the world. You are the Beyonce of your office and believe those around you should be bowing down. Killin’ it.


Other days, you’re hum and drum driving to work. Your coffee spilled all over you, the dog barked all night, and the LAST thing you want to do is sit at your computer and work. Market research? Ugh. You maybe answer one email and then play Candy Crush on your phone until lunch. (Do people still play that game? Anyway, you get the point.)

The good news is that we’ve made a checklist so you can be on your A-game, at least most of the time.

1. Water might actually be more important than coffee

I can’t begin to count how many tips regarding productivity that relate to amping yourself up on caffeine. To be honest, too much coffee just makes me feel anxious and antsy! Instead, try loading up on water. Being hydrated keeps your mind clear and awake. You’d be surprised how a big glass of water might be more efficient in waking you up than a cup of Joe.

2. Put your phone away

The average American spends between 3-5 hours a day on their smart phone. GEEZ! That could really interrupt a day’s productivity. Social media also makes your mind travel into other people’s business and blurs the focus on your own. Ideally, you’d turn your phone off and tuck it away into a drawer, work for 2 hours, then take a 15 minute break to check.  If you are paranoid about answering calls, turn other notifications off and put it face down, out of reach. Let yourself completely indulge in your work- Instagram can wait.


3. De-clutter your office

Is it just me or is a messy workplace really stresssful?! If your office is a mess, you might have trouble focusing on your work. Before you sit down to start your day, clear off your desk of any garbage, old notes or unnecessary distractions. Simplicity does wonders for the brain. 


4. Make a to-do list (for even the smallest tasks)

If you’re a list person, you know how satisfying it is to cross something off your to-do list. Before starting your day, take the time to make a list of everything you know you need to get done. Read: EVERYTHING. Jot down even the smallest tasks such as “ take out trash” or “ call Jim about project”. At first it will seem daunting to have such a long list, but once you start crossing off the small stuff, you’ll want to keep going to the bigger challenges.

5. Take small breaks

Ahhh, a breath of fresh air.  We often forget to stop and take a stroll around the block or lean back in our chairs and shut our eyes for ten minutes throughout the day. Small breaks make a big difference. Unwind from the stress and you’ll be able to work harder, longer.


6. Snacks - the good kind.

Origaudio can’t be the only company out there with a snacking addiction. We’re loaded here with fruit snacks, breakfast bars, lollipops and popcorn. Notice a trend? These bites aren’t the healthiest! If you work in an office that prefers unhealthy snacks, bring some fruit and veggies of your own. Sweet treats are great once in awhile, but if that’s all you eat, you’re bound to get tired quicker.

7. Personally motivate yourself

Stop and consider what motivates you to drive to work every day. Maybe it’s your daughter or son. Maybe it’s money or freedom. Maybe you just love your job! Put pictures of what motivates you on your desk and around your cubicle. You might find that whenever your eyes stray away from your computer, you're quickly reminded why you’re doing what you’re doing. Do what you’ve got to do to keep on truckin’. :)

Do you have any tips that help you through the work day? Share them with us in the comments!

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