Power Banks for Family Safety

According to Techcrunch, the average age of kids getting a smart phone is now 10 years old. Isn't that insane? While everyone has their opinions, I know a big reasons parents boast for getting their child a phone so young is for safety. 

Anyone who has had to wait alone in the dark for a ride, or has had to walk home alone, knows how important it is to have a working cellphone. Just in case. Having a cellphone in your hand makes you feel secure, whether it be the ability to call your family in an emergency or share your location with friends. Better yet, 10-year-old kids can call their parents, and vice-versa, if plans change or something happens. 

But what if it died when you needed it most?

Giving children power banks with their phone means you can rest assured that even after a long day, your child will have a charged cellphone to call you in the event of an emergency.

The Origaudio Tenfour power bank boasts 10,400 mAh of power, meaning they can charge their smartphone (and other devices) up to 4x before needing to charge the bank again. 

We've dressed the Tenfour in fun designs that can fit everyone's interest (and we're coming out with even more November '17!) It's portable and fits right in your pocket or the pockets of your backpack. The Tenfour is one of the most functional gifts you could give someone- including yourself! Give the gift of safety and security this year with a power bank for everyone in your family.

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