Non-creepy ways to adopt the 5 love languages in your office

You’ve heard about the five love languages, or five different ways to express/experience love in a committed relationship. Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Personal Touch.

Considering we spend almost a third of our lives with our coworkers (arguably even more time than we spend with our partners), we should probably learn how to properly express our appreciation for those we work with. I mean, we already have a basis to go off of … omitting the Personal Touch language... so it really should be a norm to let your coworkers know you don’t always hate them. Read on how to adopt the 5 Love Languages into the workplace.

  1. Words of Affirmation

Definition: Using your words to tell your coworker you appreciate them and their work

Tip: Say it in person! Stop hiding behind a screen, go up and give them the ol’ “Way to go, Jim!” with a high-five. Calling, face-timing, or sending a cute gif is an appropriate exception when you’re not physically able to deliver a high five.


I’m so glad you’re a part of this team

Heard you hit your sales goal, that’s awesome, congrats!

Way to be a team player, your positive attitude is infectious.

  1. Acts of Service

Definition: Completing tasks or helping out in some way to alleviate your coworker’s work load

Tip: Don’t just offer help only when you know they are struggling, offer help before the going gets tough. You know that old saying… I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.


Say: Hey Barry, I know the holidays are coming up. Please reach out if there’s anything I can do to help during your busiest time of year!

Offer to pick up your coworker’s coffee or go to the print room for them

Helping them carry their items from the conference room back to their desk

  1. Receiving Gifts

Show your appreciation with an actual present! It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost the same as your mortgage (or rent, for us *cough* millennials) but it’s nice to gift someone a just because present.

Check out the Origaudio Main Post!

Origaudio Main Post

Bonus points: It ships quick, so if your coworker is having a rough week, this personal and trendy notebook can arrive just in time to ease frustrations.

  1. Quality Time

It’s nice to just take a break and chat with your coworkers about topics that don’t relate to work or the weather. You can go to happy hour, plan some sort of lunch outing, or even have a mini afternoon dance party inside the office!

Thus I suggest … The Hive! These little guys have such great bass and can pair up to each other for a surround sound effect! Seriously, you can pair up to 100 of these, which is perfect for a Friday afternoon jam session.

  1. Physical Touch

Don’t. Just please, don’t. 

This may be the most important note. If you take away ANYTHING from this blog, let it be this. Just.... no.

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  • Being apart of management here at Baranabas Clothing Co. I have seen first hand the fruits of these simple and intentional techniques! Thank you posting this and affirming the process of loving and caring on others! Love languages are very important!

    Miranda Lujan

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