Flying with Power Banks

With rules constantly changing and airlines having different protocols, it’s hard to determine whether or not your power bank is safe to carry on your flight. Rest assured, power banks are perfectly safe to bring 40,000 feet in the air, so long as they fit certain parameters.

It’s recommended to always keep your power bank in your carry on luggage. Each power bank on Origaudio.com is tested, certified, and permitted for use on flights. Depending on how much juice you need, we’ve got options of all sizes.

Batteries are universally measured in Watt Hours, so airlines keep consistent by measuring every battery, no matter the size, in Watt Hours (WH). However- you might’ve noticed Power Banks are largely marketed by mAh or milliampere hour. The graphic below shows an easy formula to determine whether your power bank is in the limits.

All the Origaudio power banks are safe to fly with, low cost, and a portable size! 

Tenfour / Juicebox / Kracken / Shockwave / Evrybox

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