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Customer service can make or break any company, big or small. Keeping customer service as a priority improves customer loyalty and ultimately improves success in the business. As online businesses grow in popularity, it can be hard to keep up personalized service from behind a screen. So how can we continue to make our customers feel heard and appreciated from behind our computers? 

1. Let them know you hear them

Customers don't like to feel like they're left in the dark or that their email is entering a black hole as soon as they hit 'send'. It's great to list an email on your website for customers to reach out in the event they need help, but make sure you respond in a timely manner. If your inbox is blowing up, a simple auto-responder that says 'we got your email, and will respond shortly!' can go a long way. 

2. Keep your promises

If you promise a customer you'll do something, such as complete an exchange for them or rush shipping, follow through on your word until the end. It's easy to get lost in daily tasks and forget something you told a customer, but keeping notes and following up helps customers feel important. 

3. Kill 'em with kindness

This sounds so simple yet can be so tough! If you're having a bad day, or an issue really made you upset, it's still crucial that you are kind and understanding to your customers. No time for pettiness, here! Stay calm and offer a comforting voice and kind words in your email communication. People will always remember how you made them feel. 

4. Do what you can to make someone's day

This one plays off the notion that 'the customer is always right'. Do what you can to make processes easier for your customer. It's our job to work hard and hunt for answers, not theirs! 

5. Go the extra mile

Did you accidentally ship the wrong product in an order? Throw in a freebie when you fulfill the correct one. If a customer has gone through a real headache, provide a discount code to take some money off their next purchase. They'll be far more likely to recommend you to friends and family if you do so!

And of course... do all of the above with a SMILE! 

(image credit: Career Employer)

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