Best Holiday Tech Gifts: Headphone Edition

Did you know 68% of shoppers in the U.S. say they'll be buying tech gifts this year? 

That demand will make for really crowded stores, long days and dragging lines. Lucky for you, we're holding a HUGE Cyber Monday sale so you shop from the comfort of your home (yesss, chillin' in your PJ's!) and get gifts delivered right to your door in just a few days. 

The #1 product teens wanted last year was HEADPHONES! With so many headphones on the market, it's hard to know which set is right for you or the person you're shopping for. The wireless ear buds craze has made cords almost extinct (though we think all headphones still need some TLC :] ) so we're going to show you our Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and we're sure you can find something to check off your list.

1. Wrapsody Wireless Headphones

At the gym, on the airplane or crusing to work, it's pretty hard not to love this classy pair. The Wrapsodys have 85% noise cancellation and extra padding on the headset so you can travel in comfort! The adjustable headband, stereo sound with omnidirectional full range audio drivers and 10+ hours of audio playtime make the Wrapsodys a gift anyone would be thrilled to receive.

2. Pionears Wireless Earbuds + Power Bank

No cords, no problems! The Pionears are true wireless earbuds that actually come nested inside a power bank! The buds magnetically connect to the power bank so you never have to worry about losing your tunes. The power bank also has a USB output so you can charge your phone while on the go. Want to charge at home? Just plug the device into the wall socket using it's wall mount, and let everything power back up. An all-in-one solution unlike any other!

3. Beebop Bluetooth Headphones

Beebop to the beat of your own drum with these bad boys. Much like the Wrapsody, the Beebops boast outside noise reduction and a comfort headband. These lightweight, portable headphones come with a drawstring bag and connection cord so if wireless isn't you thing- you can always plug in, too. :)

4. Kronies True Wireless Earbuds

We just love these little buds. With a built-in microphone and on-ear play/pause/call control, you don't have to slow down to stay connected. Aside from the creative packaging, you can rest assured the sound, comfort and portability of the Kronies will please whomever you're getting them for (if not yourself) :). 

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