Travel tip: Carry the perfect backpack

The struggle is REAL when trying to pack and organize everything before a big trip or vacation. We’ve all got goals of perfectly placing our belongings in compartments so they’re easy to find and get to our destination safe and sound. Luckily, Origaudio backpacks are here to help make that happen.

Here’s a few features we think every traveling pack should have:

  • 1. A padded laptop sleeve that sits 2” above the bottom of your pack
  • Why is this so important when it sounds like such a no-brainer? We often set our bags down on the ground roughly, drag and pull them on the floor, set our packs on tables, etc. If the sleeve holding your laptop is connected to the bottom of the backpack, you’ll be constantly hitting your device against hard surfaces. Keep your laptop safe with the proper sleeve.

    1. Tech ports for charging & connecting your devices on-the-go

    If you’ve never been late to catch a flight or train ride, we applaud you. But if you’re familiar with those quick jaunts across the airport or sprints to flag down your Uber, you’ll recognize just how crucial it is to have tech ports on your pack to connect and charge your smartphones. Cords are messy and get in the way, but tech ports make it a breeze to listen to music or charge your phone while it sits safely in your pocket.

    1. RFID security lined pocket for safe keeping of your wallet & credit cards

    High-tech thieves are on the prowl everywhere, so it’s especially important to stay secure when traveling. RFID lining blocks your credit cards, IDs  and passports from card skimmers trying to steal your information or identity. Backpacks that come equipped with RFID lining will block skimmers and keep your information protected.

    1. Double-wide drinkware/side-access pockets

    Is it just me, or are water bottles getting bigger and bigger? Insulated bottles & tumbler sized coffee mugs are making it harder and harder to travel with. Make sure your backpack can fit your water bottle comfortably so you can save space in your main pocket.These pockets are also great for quick access to phones and snacks (and we all know the importance of snacks).

    1. Padded shoulder straps and back padding

    It’s nothing new that comfort is a priority when you’re on the move. Uncomfortable and stiff shoulder straps can dig into your shoulders and leave you aching at the end of a long day walking around town. Pick a backpack that ensures extra padding for your shoulders and back- it’s worth the investment!

    Happy travels!


    [Product featured: The Mission Pack]

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