5 Awesome Holiday Tech Gifts (that you’ll probably want to keep for yourself)

Gift shopping is tough. We all want to give a gift that is useful, new and honestly- coveted. Tech gifts are growing in popularity due to the novelty and innovation of consumer tech gadgets. Did you know Americans will spend an average of $75 billion dollars on tech gifts this holiday season?

We’ve tried to make it easy for you in a few ways. One, we’re going to list five of our products below that would make the perfect holiday gift for just about anyone. Secondly, we’re going to give you an insane Cyber Monday sale so you can snag that gift at a crazy low cost. 

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  1. Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker- The perfect gift for Dad, or the working man in your life!  Engineered to deliver bold, vibrant sound, the Sonosphear’s classic design, powerful dual 8 Watt driver performance, and state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology will enhance your musical experience into something unforgettable. This piece looks great sitting on a desk or even on the table outside at a BBQ. Handy, huh?

2. Pionears Wireless Earbuds- comparable to the Apple Ear Pods, the Pionears are true wireless earbuds that come in a power bank for on-the-go charging of your devices and headphones. The Pionears make for an awesome, unique gift for a fitness junkie or busy body.

3.The Aurabox 2.0- Ready to digitize the way you listen to music? The Aurabox 2.0 is an app-enabled bluetooth speaker with an LED screen that animates music and desktop notifications. Hook it up to your phone, blast tunes, and get notified when someone “likes” your insta pic. We’re willing to bet this has never been under your tree before!

4. The Tenfour Power Bank- Portable, powerful, and pretty much perfect. With 10,400 mAh of power, this guy will charge your devices 5 times over. It’s easy to store in purse or backpack, and looks even better. What greater gift can you give than that of never fearing the dreaded red?!

5. The Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones: Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep on a plane or in a car because your headphones were digging into the side of you head? Try giving the gift of comfort this year. The Wrapsodys have luxurious padding, noise cancellation and stereo sound. Skip the mainstream headphones and gift something your loved one will be proud to show off!

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