3 Tech Products We Just Can't Travel Without

Any frequent flyers out there? Whether you travel a lot for work or just take an exuberant amount of vacations (we’re definitely jealous) you know that packing the right stuff can make or break a trip. No one wants their phone to die during a 5 hour layover, or to wear uncomfortable headphones when trying to sleep on a long flight. Below are our ABSOLUTE must-have tech items we don’t travel without. Seriously. Don’t travel without these:

1. Tenfour Power Bank - with 10,400 mAh battery capacity and 3 USB ports, you can charge all your devices on the go. It’s portable and will charge your devices 4x over, even quicker than a wall outlet.

2. Wrapsody Bluetooth Headphones- Not being able to sleep because your head is uncomfortable on a plane is the WORST. We prefer super comfortable headphone bands and 85% noise cancellation. Wrapsodys? Sleep? Boomin’ jams? Yes, please.

3. Calimari Cord- Keeping charge & connector cords untangled is near impossible when thrown in a backpack or suitcase.The Calimari allows for all your cords in one portable, easy to pack package. PS. it makes a great team with the Tenfour.

Need something awesome to store your gadgets in? Our Mission Pack- We rave about this all the time, but with good reason! You could read about why this makes the perfect carry on here.

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